Lighting the Path Through Uncertainty

Alexandria Insights AA


Alexandria Insights (AI) provides expertise in system specification, development, acquisition, deployment, support, and operational employment across a broad spectrum of DoD platforms and programs. Our Competencies, which are firmly based in best practices for implementation of DoD 5000-series guidelines, include:

  • Program and Acquisition Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Life Cycle Logistics Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Science and Technology Management
  • Training
  • Software Development
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Financial Management

AI plans, executes, monitors, and continuously improves its work through a Competency Aligned structure. Competency Alignment serves to:

  • Standardize and optimize the company‚Äôs offering in a particular competency area
  • Maximize technical skill and effectiveness of the workforce — leads to increased morale and improved retention
  • Improve communications, enabling customers to benefit from lessons learned across programs
  • Reduce costs